House Numbers - when first impressions count

House Numbers - when first impressions count

We have all heard the catch phase that 'first impressions count', well that is certainly true when it comes to presenting your home to your neighbourhood.

There are many ways to achieve an enviable street presence, and thankfully, many of these strategies do not have to break the bank.  Something that can be very important in an environment where building costs are continuously increasing.

So let's talk about one very simple thing you can do to improve the frontage of your property - HOUSE NUMBERS!

House numbers can be your secret weapon in providing that ever desired 'street presence'.  Whether you are looking to update your property for sale, or just to lift the presence of your home in its environ - house numbers do a whole lot of heavy lifting for a very small outlay.  

And one of the best bits - you can do it yourself with very little fuss!

So what considerations do you need to make when choosing the right house number for your property?

The correctly chosen house numbers can set the scene for the architectural style of your property - from heritage to minimalist modern - there is a style that will elevate the frontage of your property and provide a warm welcome to your guests.

Material selection

There are a variety of materials which can be used to produce house numbers that will withstand the elements.  The material chosen for your house numbers should be considered in context with the material selection of your home.  You may wish to consider exterior elements such as gate hardware, letterbox composition or front door colour.

Acrylic House Numbers and Letter

Acrylic has the flexibility of lower production costs with access to a large variety of vibrant colours, metallics and shades.  Acrylic house numbers can be mounted flush to a surface using marine grade double sided tape, or can be float mounted using spacer fixings. 

You may also wish to consider if a customised acrylic house sign is appropriate for your property, which can provide the ability to include full street or house names into the design.  House base plates can be manufactured in a variety of different shapes - from the very modern sharp cornered rectangle shape to the more traditional arch shape.  The choice is yours!

Stainless Steel House Numbers - brushed or powder coated

At Bayside Luxe, we are often asked to manufacture large scale stainless steel house numbers for our clients.  Large format stainless steel house numbers can provide a striking design element to the front of your home.  Our clients will often mount their oversized numbers onto a rendered front wall, directly onto their house or on their garage wall.  The size of the numbers enables them to be clearly seen from the street - even at a distance.  Once again, the numbers can be float mounted or flush to the surface.

3D metal alloy house numbers - powder or lacquer coated

One of the most popular trends this year has been the 3D house number.  The 3D house number has been designed with depth so it provides a visual design element when viewed from the side of the house number as well as the front. 

Further to this, when it is float mounted, it facilitates a shadow which echoes the house number onto the mounted surface.  We have seen many of our customers float mount their 3D house number (either 12.5cm or 15cm) under a wall mounted light.  

Clients with Hampton's or Modern beach style homes have often opted for the black or golden brass house numbers, but we are now seeing a escalating trend for the brushed silver and white finishes.

Some of our clients have even chosen to float mount a white house number onto a white wall - which provides a very sophisticated modern look.

Small detail - large impact

So, if you are keen to update your property - quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss, why not consider updating your house numbers?  You may be surprised at how such a small detail can make a large impact to the frontage of your home.

If you have any questions regarding our Bayside Luxe range of floating and flush mounted house numbers, please do not hesitate to contact our team via email or phone 1300 899 246.



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